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Energy Sub-metering

Control Energy Consumption & Reduce Costs

In many automated systems energy metering is required in addition to basic electrical parameter monitoring. Automated energy sub-metering is needed for understanding the energy consumption profile, for energy saving plans, precise energy balance, equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance, etc. Energy submetering data allows considerable cost reduction by controlling energy consumption and maximal demand. SATEC devices fit all energy sub-metering requirements, spanning from basic to the most advanced.

SATEC's eXpertpower™ Billing service completes the sub-metering package. Our online billing service provides an infrastructure that supports a multitude of billing requirements: General tariffs, Time of Use, Demand charges and various additional costs. Additionally, eXpertpower™ Billing offers complimentary calculation of central air-conditioning costs, water metering and gas measurements. Thus, providing a one stop shop for all your utility billing requirements.

Get "Just in Time Energy" and Maintain Low Costs

Energy costs account for a significant percentage of the commercial and residential recurring expense. Flawless energy supply is a must in the commercial and residential space. A proactive solution should provide tools that insure “just in time energy” while maintaining low costs.

Typical customer sub-metering requirements include:

  • Accounting:
    • Monthly charges
    • Financial reports
    • Distribution of common costs
    • Comparison to utility bill
  • Managing multi-tenant changes
  • Creating a real life energy management plan (per location and time of use)
  • Providing tenants with added value like consumption patterns and alarm mechanism for anomalies.

SATEC's cohesive solution for the commercial market answers customer needs in multi-tenant sub-metering. This solution is based on the new generation multi-tenant branch feeder monitor device BFM136, supported by the groundbreaking web application eXpertPower™ Billing.

Ideal for both new and retrofit projects, the BFM136 can monitor energy (on multi-tariff TOU basis) and demands, and perform data logging to the device's non-volatile memory. The single BFM136 device can sub-meter up to 12 three-phase tenants, 18 two-phase tenants, 36 single-phase channels, or any combination of those. This flexibility and cost-efficiency make the BFM136 especially suitable for multi-tenant facilities, such as office buildings, shopping malls, residential buildings, hotels, government facilities, universities, etc. The cost-efficiency is also achieved by the considerable installation and infrastructure cost savings.

The BFM136 instrument is designed to easily fit into existing panel boards, thus eliminating the need for expensive retrofit projects or for allocating extra space. For billing purposes, single or multiple circuits can be defined for each customer. This flexibility allows to reassign circuit groups to changing customers without complicated electrical procedures, and allows for easy changes when tenants move in and out. The BFM136 user-defined and easily configured alarm system enables preventive maintenance to avoid unnecessary outages. Combined with SATEC's eXpertpower™, a comprehensive web service enabling users to access energy, power quality and real time data, the BFM136 completes the total solution for multi-tenant sub-metering.



SATEC's BFM136 is an advanced instrument for multi-tenant sub-metering applications. This device is specially designed for the commercial market. The BFM136 supported by SATEC's web application eXpertPower™ provide a total solution for multi-tenant energy management. The BFM136 provides a complete set of energy and demand data on multi-tariff basis for each tenant. The device can sub-meter up to 12 three-phase channels, up to 18 two-phase channels, up to 36 single-phase channels, or any combination of those. Tamper resistance option is available.



eXpertPower™ Billing provides the infrastructure required to bill energy consumers based on a variety of parameters and algorithms.
This data collected from your meters is recorded in eXpertPower™ Billing and then processed into periodic bills customized to fit your exact billing needs.



PM130EH provides 4 quadrant energy metering (Class 0.5S according to IEC 62053-22) with optional TOU module (Time-of-Use tariffs for revenue metering). PM130EH is the most cost-effective sub-metering solution.

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