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Multifunctional Power Meter

The PM130 PLUS is a multifunctional 3-phase power meter. This series provides a cost-effective substitute for numerous analog meters used by industrial, commercial and utility customers for basic power metering.

The PM130 PLUS is widely integrated in panel boards and SCADA systems. With the addition of the unique TOU module, the PM130EH PLUS answers the needs of revenue metering applications. It is also suitable for utility substation automation because of its support of the industry standard DNP V3.0 and Modbus RTU protocols, as well as its I/O capabilities (using DI/DO module). The PM130EH PLUS model also offers basic revenue metering.

2 basic models provide digital measurements of more than 80 electrical parameters locally, and more than 100 electrical parameters via RS485 interface.



Basic model


Energy measurement & Harmonics analysis.

  • TDD, THD (current, voltage)
  • Individual harmonics
  • Event log, Data log

The modular design enables users to assemble a system meeting their specific needs. The wide choice of plug-in modules includes digital I/O, analog output, TOU, Ethernet and Profibus.

Take it to the next level

Take the PM130 PLUS to the next step with the appropriate eXpertpower™ package. eXpertpower™ Lite provides online readings, historian data logging and a wide assortments of graphs that enhance comprehension of meter data.

The PM130EH model is complimented by eXpertpower™ Savings. The service offers robust energy monitoring capabilities alongside a series of Energy Management reports. For locations with external tenants, eXpertpower™ Billing provides a wide range of billing capabilities.

  • Multifunctional 3-Phase Power Meter
    • Voltage, current (including neutral current), power, energy, power factor, frequency, voltage/current unbalance
    • Current range up to 200%
  • Revenue Meter
    • Meets class 0.2S precision
    • Class 0.5S certified
    • Time Of Use (TOU) tariffs
  • Basic Power Quality Control
    • Harmonics (up to the 40th)
    • Voltage and current THD coefficients
    • Time labeled max/min values
  • Real-Time Clock
    • Built-in clock and calendar functions
  • Alarm and Control functions
    • 16 programmable set points
    • 4 counters
    • TCP Notification Client
  • Power Supply
    • Multipurpose power supply AC/DC (85-265 VAC, 88-290 VDC)
    • Special versions (12, 24-48-72 VDC)
PM130 PLUS Modules
  • Add-On Modules
    • 4 digital inputs + 2 relay outputs
    • Ethernet or Profibus
    • 4 analog outputs
    • TOU—high precision clock + 4 digital inputs + Time-of-Use tariffs for revenue metering
PM130 PLUS 4 Modules

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