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Power Quality Analyzer


The Power Quality Analyzer PM296 and Remote Power Analyzer RPM096 offer highly accurate advanced metering fit for any power monitoring, data acquisition control and PQA and IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) applications. The PM296 series is ideal for generator applications where simultaneuos viewing of electrical measurements is required. Both Analyzers include dual port communications and triple communication protocols (Modbus, ASCII and DNP 3.0 Lev.2) and built-in I/O.


RDM096 - Remote Display unit for RPM096

The RPM096 can be interfaced with Remote Display RDM096 via an RS485 communication port, or added as a second display for the PM296 series.

  • 11 window simultaneous display
  • Long term memory for logging and trending
  • 6 programmable control relays
  • 12 digital inputs
  • Dual panel mounting: round 4"; square 96x96 DIN (RPM096 only)

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