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Retrofit Installations

Making Any Installation Possible

PM172 Add-on solutionRetrofit installations may not happen before defining a comprehensive add-on solution that does not interfere with existing connection schemes. A considerable portion of switchboards is designed with a single set of CTs. As a result, the same CT set is to be shared by protective relays and one or all of the following devices: power meter, power quality analyzer, fault recorder. Adding a new power meter, power quality analyzer, fault recorder, or upgrading the obsolete one is a considerable challenge, due to a high risk of main breaker trip.

Since disabling protective relays is never a good idea and scheduled power outage can be extremely undesirable, SATEC has developed a cohesive solution. The solution allows to avoid any impact on protection relay connection circuits by use of external split core CTs coupled with specially developed SATEC Add-On device line.

PM175SC5 / PM175SC50

PM175SC5 / PM175SC50

Add-on fault recorder (maximal current 100A). The add-on fault recorder combines the functions of fault recorder, power meter, and power quality analyzer.

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