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Substation Automation

Add On to Automate

Substations in need of automation are usually equipped with electromechanical type protective relaying for system protection. Though these existing devices may be old, they still have many years of remaining service in them. They are also regarded by most to be highly reliable, and easily understood by the operators and maintenance people utilizing them. However, they lack the ability to send information about themselves and their operations remotely: which one tripped, was it an instantaneous or time-delay action, at what fault magnitude and duration, how many operations, exactly when did it happen, etc.

ezPAC™ SA300

ezPAC™ SA300

Add-on sub-station automation is implemented by use of SATEC's ezPAC™ SA300 power intelligent unit. The instrument is an ideal cost-effective means to automating an electrical sub-station with existing electro-mechanical (EM) relays.

Instead of substation equipment replacement, SATEC’s Add-On to Automate concept simply requires adding a single ezPACTM Power Intelligence Unit™ to each feeder with minimal panel and wiring changes. This device hooks up to the existing CTs and PTs to give total automation information, while co-working with the existing electromechanical relays, and not interfering with the protection scheme. It extends the useful life of these relays by providing all the information that they cannot supply. The result is the most cost-effective and fastest means to automate.

The ezPAC™ extends the life expectancy of EM protection relays for many years by providing the information lacking from these highly reliable devices without interfering with the protection scheme.

The ezPAC™ unites advanced control and automation functions, intelligent fault recorder, power quality and sequence of events (SOE) with automatic analysis and reports. It also offers revenue metering, back-up protection and extensive control capabilities (up to 48 digital inputs with 1 ms time resolution and up to 32 relay outputs) to provide a solution for sub-station and industrial automation. The ezPAC inherently provides many functions of bay controller related to control and monitoring for bay applications. The ezPACTM is suitable for retrofit as well as for new utility projects.

eXpertpower™ Pro

eXpertpower™ Pro

eXpertpower™ Pro, SATEC's set of online Power Quality analysis tools compliments the ezPAC™ with intuitive navigation between the various units, a system view of Power Quality events, and zoom in capabilities to analyze sequence of events, waveforms, harmonic disorders and other Power Quality events.

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