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eXpertPower Billing

eXpertPower Billing

Produce accurate bills for electricity consumers

All energy consumers were not created equal.

eXpertpower™ Billing measures each of your tenant's usage and produces a bill that takes all the parameters that your bill includes into account.

eXpertpower™ Billing provides the infrastructure required to bill energy consumers based on a variety of parameters and algorithms

Whether you are an energy provider, an owner of commercial property or a manager of a public facility, you want to ensure that electric costs are covered by the electric consumers and that you are not left to pay the bill.

Furthermore, you may find it cost effective to buy high voltage electricity at bulk prices and supply at retail prices.

The first step is to measure each tenant's actual consumption and maximum demands. Regardless of how widespread the monitored locations are and where your headquarters are located, our online monitoring capabilities will provide you with hourly or daily energy measurements.

This data is recorded in eXpertpower™ Billing and then processed into periodic bills customized to fit your exact needs.

  • The system supports:
    • Flat energy prices
    • TOU (Time Of Use) pricing
    • Demand related tariffs
    • Central air conditioning costs
    • Distribution of complimentary data such a water and gas consumption
    • A wide range of additional costs

Finally, our robust reporting system allows you to audit monthly bills, compare them to your costs and export data to your ERP system.

eXpertpower™ Billing can be provided for your independent use or as an outsourced billing service.

  • Cost Calculation & monitoring
    • High resolution Energy calculation enables precise billing
    • Per utility cost calculation
    • TOU and flat rates
    • Monthly and yearly reports
    • Single and multiple facilities
    • Compare to Utility bill calculator
  • Invoice management
    • Produce Invoice in PDF format
    • Invoice reports generator
    • Compare total invoices to utility bill
    • Allow tenant to view invoice
  • Tenant Management
    • Manage relevant date span per tenant
    • Automatic distribution of costs if tenant replaced
  • Additional costs
    • Include additional costs in invoice
    • Distribute common costs such as air conditioning among tenants according to various algorithms

eXpertpower Bililng: Compare bill to Utility Bill

Compare bill to utility bill

eXpertpower Bililng: Define reports based on customers requests

Define reports based on customer's requests

 eXpertpower Bililng: Produce accurate bills

Produce accurate bills

 eXpertpower Bililng: Produce monthly reports of invoices

 Produce monthly reports of invoices

 eXpertpower Bililng: See cost distribution

 See cost distribution

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