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eXpertPower Lite

eXpertPower Lite

Simple yet versatile Energy Management

Our plug-and-play online solution for any commercial or industrial energy consumer.

Measure, log and trend electric parameters from meters in any location.

All this - for a low cost monthly fee.

eXpertPowerâ„¢ Lite is SATEC's one-size-fits-all energy management solution

The online solution enables you to read data from all your meters from any place and at any time.

Tailored graphic pages allow intuitive navigation even in large dispersed electrical networks.

Last reading is presented in a view that is customized according to meter type, automatically showing relevant data.

History and Trend pages provide user with valuable, contextual input regarding the current readings.

Additionally, eXpertpowerTM lite includes a set of reports in various formats and settings.

Readings Detail
  • Data Monitoring and Recording
    • Over the web monitoring
    • Reads all models of SATEC meters; Configurable to support any MODBUS devices
    • Support of complimentary data by reading digital inputs, analog inputs and PLCs
    • Data polling from any number of meters
    • Customized parameter definition for optimization of network resources
    • Flexible scheduling and prioritizing of readings per meter
  • Navigation
    • Default device representation or customized graphic navigation pages
    • Intuitive linking between current readings, history and trands
  • Data Views
    • Last reading screen represents device display
    • History pages grouped by data types: per phase, energy, totals and harmonics
    • Graphs include:
      • Zoom-in/zoom-out
      • Display exact values at chosen points
      • Choice of 1-3 phase display
      • Direct links to relevant tables
  • Reporting capabilities
    • Export to .xls and .csv format
    • Devices included in report by user's choice
    • Historical reports
  • Events and Alarms
    • Predefined and userdefined events recorded
    • Event view filter by wide range of parameters (time, event type, device etc.)
    • Alarm definition supports emails and SMSs

eXpertpower Lite: High level one-line diagram

Tailored Screens allow easy and intuitive navigation...

eXpertpower Lite: Mid level one-line diagram

 ...and drill down to the next level...

eXpertpower Lite: Low level one-line diagram

 ...until the individual device

eXpertpower Lite: Simple last reading screen

Dynamic screens present last reading ...

eXpertpower Lite: Complex last reading screen

 ...while configuring themselves to present relevant data

eXpertpower Lite: History page per phase

History pages present all data

eXpertpower Lite: History displayed as graph

 ...with links to a graphical representation

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