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eXpertPower Savings

eXpertPower Savings

Reduce Your Electric Costs

Energy Costs can make or break a business. Minimizing these costs can be tricky.

eXpertpower™ Savings offers a set of tools and methodologies that will walk you through the energy savings process in a simple and efficient manner.

eXpertpower™ Savings focuses on reducing your electricity related costs based on continuous energy readings from electric meters in your facilities.

The market is flooded with energy savings means ranging from small light bulbs to massive chilling reservoirs. Yet, implementing these energy savings solutions is a costly process that requires upfront investment and many company resources.

eXpertpower™ Savings offers the following methodology and tools to maintain a cost effective energy savings plan that will decrease in your electric bills in minimum time:

  • Find the system’s “Achilles’ heel” and focus efforts there
    • Measure various locations as frequently as 4 times an hour.
    • Produce cross organizational reports relating to consumption and costs to choose the areas and the times that truly have a savings potential.
  • Maintain accurate evaluation of energy efficiency solutions
    • Once a solution is chosen, conduct pilots to evaluate the real savings that was gained.
    • Run our daily and hourly reports to compare consumption before and after implementing the solution.
    • Fine tune or replace with other solutions before spending more on a wide spread implementation.
  • Compare: You may find that certain “givens” can be changed and improved
    • Use eXpertPower Savings comparison screens and reports to compare similar locations.
    • Analyze the differences and copy practices from more efficient areas to less efficient ones.
  • Increase awareness
    • Last but not least, provide department managers with online or printed reports pointing out their energy consumption and its cost.
    • Use graphs to point out upward or downward trends. Awareness is a no cost solution that goes a long way.
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring
    • Energy consumption calculations for one or more monitored points
    • TOU Calculation
    • Multi resolution Energy reports: Half hour, hour, daily, monthly Annual
    • Energy Balance abilities to detect inefficiency
  • Cost Calculation & monitoring
    • Per utility cost calculation
    • TOU and flat rates
    • Monthly and yearly reports
    • Single and multiple facilities
  • Data Presentation
    • Tables
    • Interactive Charts and graphs
    • Export to Excel

eXpertpower Savings - compare locations

Compare locations

eXpertpower Savings - define relevant events and alarms

Define relevant events and alarms

eXpertpower Savings - detect energy losses

Detect energy losses

eXpertpower Savings - Evaluate energy savings solutions

Evaluate energy savings solutions

eXpertpower Savings - maintain chiller efficiency

Maintain chiller efficiency

eXpertpower Savings - Measure and monitor usage per tariff

Measure and monitor usage per tariff

eXpertpower Savings - Track trends per day and per half hour

Track trends per day and per half hour

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